Mary in Special K body positivity campaign

NZ Transgender Personality Mary Haddock-Staniland is preparing to front a campaign to encourage body positivity and resilience by advocating the diversity and beauty of all our bodies.

New research by Kellogg’s Special K has revealed that as much as 7 out of 10 women in NZ experience an ‘I hate my body’ moment every single week. This constant reinforcement of doubt and negativity might be holding Kiwi women back from achieving what they want in life.

Instead, Kellogg’s Special K is calling for New Zealand women to ditch self-doubt and acknowledge and appreciate our diverse and unique tendencies, talents, desires, fears and neuroses in a new social media and TV campaign.

Mary will be joining five other influential women in the campaign who are set to flip Social Media upside down with social media hashtag #OWNIT.

“Mary definitely embodies the spirit of #OWNIT,” Says Kellogg’s NZ. “As a strong and beautiful woman who oozes self-confidence, we think she’d be a very inspirational advocate for this cause.”

The well known brand has partnered with Women’s Health Action, a charitable trust with an aim of improving body image amongst young people by being a unified voice on the subject. They’ll work together to encourage kiwi women to find inner strength and feel positive about their bodies.

“I’m proud to be involved in this campaign,” says Mary. “I have overcome a great deal to love my body, so being a part of this is a natural fit for me.”

Miranda Likeman