Mary is legal

It isn’t breaking news, but it certainly is news that former ZM Ladies of NZ Radio Reality Star and Transgender Advocate & Personality, Mary Haddock-Staniland is excited about sharing. Mary, 33 has taken the plunge and legally changed her name from Robert to Mary. A lengthy process that consisted of regular visits to the internal affairs headquarters in Auckland.

"One of the many reasons why I’ve decided to do this is to complete me, and move more into a womanly world. Changing not only my name but also my gender status makes me feel very accomplished. My advocacy voice is becoming more and more accepted in the corporate sector, and this seems like the next logical step. It’s the right time for me to complete the puzzle and move on happier than ever” says an excited Mary.

A number of exciting projects are in the pipeline for Mary in the coming months, so this is the perfect time to sort the "administration" formalities.

Earlier this year Mary and twin brother William Haddock opened up in an exclusive interview for the first time about their relationship. The story has since been picked up by International media, including the UK's Daily Mail. Mary has received lots of support from her close friends and relatives. Including her husband of two years, Willie Staniland & twin brother, William.

“I'm happy to now board an aeroplane, flinging my boarding pass around, instead of hiding it so no one can see my birth name." says Haddock-Staniland.

Mary is hosting a private dinner party for those close to her in a few weeks to celebrate the legalities being finalised. Some of those invited to this intimate occasion are close friends, Megan & Pita Alatini, Fashion Designer Annah Stretton and best friend Mitchell Harvey, who was involved in the discrimination incident, which made headlines at Farmers earlier this year. 

Miranda Likeman