A new challenge awaits, at Film360.

After a great rest over summer, including a recent trip to the Kingdom of Tonga, I am really excited to kick start 2018 with a bang, there is no better way to start the year than a new career path, right?

It is no secret that I have a finger in a number of pies, I’m a Director of a PR company, I am involved in a charitable trust, I am actively involved in two separate boards, one as a advisory board member, the other as a Board Secretary, I partner with a number of businesses, as an ambassador for various social media platforms and as if I didn’t have enough to do, I manage to fit in some time to MC and host events for a number of different organisations both here and in Australia.

This year, that is changing and although I will still remain involved in some of the above activities, but less than usual.  I have been offered an opportunity to work within a boutique Film and TV Production company and I have jumped at the chance.  My role as new Business Director at Film360 is being responsible for driving and executing all sales & marketing communication designed to generate new work. As well as this, I will oversee the social media content we push out to the world, showcasing how amazing we are at what we do. While I'm familiar with the media landscape, what's involved in making television and creating fabulous eye catching content, I've never worked in this space before and that excites me hugely. I have often said that you have to constantly find new challenges in life to help you grow and learn. It's important. That's exactly what's happening here.

Something else that I wanted to share, I've been asked to be a columnist in my local newspaper. It's not quite the Daily Mirror, but I enjoy writing and I also enjoy sharing my story, my journey - it helps encourage others to understand and hopefully empowers young trans to come forward and conquer the world, like I'm trying to do. I believe we are making serious headway in the equality & diversity space and this is another opportunity to keep pushing the barriers down, which is wonderful!

So, I hope 2018 has started with a bang for you as it has for me, and your armed and ready to embrace everything the future has in store.