It's been two years

So much happened for me two years ago. Meeting and spending time with my all-time inspiration in life, Oprah Winfrey, and joining forces with my publicist and creating Stan PR, a boutique sized PR and communications agency. On top of that, today was also a significant day in my "life chapter" diary two years ago. It's been two years since I had breast augmentation surgery and I have never looked back.

I can remember the day so well. My husband and I had made plans to leave our home very early in the morning and head to the private clinic in Remuera, in Auckland where I had the surgery.  The day before, we had been tipped off that knew I was having the surgery and that they possibly would have someone outside - ready to snap me arriving at the clinic. Obviously this is something I wanted to avoid at all costs. Sadly, the local LGBTI news site Express Magazine got wind of it, giving me not much of a choice but to release a paragraph statement (from my hospital bed), which turned into this: 

I understood the interest, I had for years remained adamant that getting breasts was something I thought I didn't need or want. It was after my experience on #ZMLadiesOfNZ I felt like it was something I wanted to do. I met with Dr. Julian Loft weeks after the show and he found the time in his busy schedule to do the surgery and I was operated on three weeks later.

It was one of the scariest things I have ever done, but I made a full recovery and three weeks after the invasive surgery, I was on an airplane to Melbourne doing a publicity tour for a fashion label I was working with at the time.

If you're thinking about getting a bigger size or a lift, visit Julian - he's the best. Tell him I sent you, you'll get well looked after.

Arohanui, Mary xx


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