I'm getting old

If you've seen my Facebook and Instagram, you would have seen that I have posted a pic of a glasses case.

The roar reality that my old age has crept in, and after putting off for almost a year, I took the plunge and went to have my eyes looked at.

As I mentioned on social, I’m adding some fleek to the face. I popped into my local OPSM store and they had their Senior Optometrist give me a comprehensive eye test, and walked out with him saying I needed spectacles. It's safe to say I was a tad emotional about the fact I needed glasses in the first place. The fact I'm getting older (not so wiser) has happened.

I’ve opted for a classy, yet simple frame from Tiffany & Co. - they're comfortable and I think they suit me. Let’s hope my selfie game remains strong with these babies on! 

Arohanui, Mary xx