Vodka and my favourite Kaftan - a good mixture

I recently dined in at a Ponsonby Favourite, The Vodka Room. The location of my 35th birthday I had recently.  

The food was (as usual) delicious and the cocktails made perfectly. The staff know me by name there now, it’s always great to see them. They’re friendly and willing to make sure my every need is met. 

We had another event to go to afterwards, so I wanted to wear something shek and trendy. If you follow me on Snapchat you’d know I have a huge wardrobe with lots to choose from. 

I opted for a KQue piece. A Kaftan favourite and trust me I have several. I posted a pic on Instagram and got a lot of likes and comments. So I’m assuming people loved it as much me. Visit to get more info on this emerging brand. 


Arohanui Mary xx