Married at First Sight NZ

I have followed every one of the Australian versions of this show and have absolutely loved them, when I learnt there was going to be a New Zealand version, I was excited.

I would have to say that the NZ version of the show has not disappointed. The show has captivated my attention and a number of others. I understand the show is rating very well.

The ups and downs, mixed with all the gossip on social media is making for great viewing, for sure.

I’m particularly interested to see the social media, like #MAFSNZ twitter feed every week. It is so entertaining. It’s almost worthwhile watching this feed as well as the show. They’re almost as entertaining as each other.

The dramas created by some of the husbands, wanting to hook up with some of the other wives would possibly be because we live in such a small town. Everyone basically knows everyone. I mean, I have met 5 of the participants either out and about or at parties. I mean, come on people. This is New Zealand.

Looking forward to next weeks episode.

Arohanui Mary xx