I love being front and centre, always have and always will

For many years prior to finding my feet on a stage and practically being an MC part time nowadays, I used to dream of being front and centre. And now, I am.

Growing up in small town NZ with an identical twin brother and apart of a larger family, it was sometimes tricky to get your voice heard. That's hard to believe now - but it's true.

I often get asked when I do media interviews and the like - how did you end up getting into MC'ing events and conferences, etc. Honestly, I can't remember.

I know my dear friend Megan Alatini was instrumental in cementing my career on a stage with a microphone. I can remember her calling me out of the blue one afternoon - "Girlfriend are free tonight to MC a gig at the Pacific Centre in Manukau, its a Barbershop singing competition". I said yes, and before I knew it - I was on a stage in front of 1200 people. Just like that. I have never looked back.

I get lost in my scripts, with my earpiece and the ultimately - you, the audience. And I love it.

I'm heading into my "busy" period with events on almost every week, christmas celebrations and award dinners. I will be resting heaps, because believe it or not - standing on a stage for sometimes hours at a time is very exhausting.

I'm living my dream, aren't I lucky.

Arohanui Mary xx