Friends, they come and they go

To think there are a couple of people who "were" in my inner circle of trust, in fact one of them was so close to me they even knew my PIN number to eftpos card. My password to my Facebook account (I’ve since changed that twice) and a number of other things I can’t recall right now.

They are now going around saying a number of hurtful and harmful untruths about me, my character and my past is incredibly upsetting.

To end a friendship is one thing, but to then betray someone is another. To be that desperate to feed people with lies has completely and utterly paralysed me.

I have, until now been mute about the chaos these two have created for me and others in the past three months. I have gone to the police and engaged with my lawyer as I genuinely have concerns for their actions. I want it on record that I’ve complained about the type of harassment they are firing in my direction.

Let’s be clear, if you seriously want to f*ck with me, you’d better bring your A game.  


Arohanui Mary xx