About Mary

Mary Haddock-Staniland is a straight-talking no-nonsense public speaker, presenter, and online broadcaster, who loves to tackle the real stuff that affects New Zealanders. She is infamous for her seemingly never ending energy and ability to juggle multiple projects across different media platforms. Her social media presence is vast and impressive. Mary uses these platforms to raise awareness of social injustices, and other causes close to her heart. She does this in a uniquely positive, affirming, and often hilarious, way. Her quotes are original, liked and viewed by thousands of people across the globe.

Mary has a large social media presence, which is used to promote issues of social justice in a positive and affirming way. Mary’s extraordinary talents as an interviewer, as well as her ability to “think on her feet” and react naturally to all manner of situations. It’s a role that demands a dynamic, robust and eminently likeable personality - something Mary has in spades.

These skills transfer seamlessly to Mary’s MC and speaking work and are one of the reasons she is in demand. Clients are regularly delighted by her ability to ‘hold’ even the largest room. Captivating an audience is something Mary can do with ease. Mary has made a specialty of conference MC’ing. Mary has become highly sought after as a keynote speaker on Diversity and Inclusion, for corporate conferences and team gatherings.

Mary Haddock-Staniland, a voice for social change in New Zealand, and looking fabulous while she does it.



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New Zealand

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