About Mary

Mary Haddock-Staniland is a no-nonsense individual who loves to tackle the real stuff that affects New Zealanders.

In Mary’s Corporate life, she is often the glue that brings people together. In a Senior Leader position for the National Body for Diversity and Inclusion, Diversity Works New Zealand. Cultivating and promoting a positive culture is one of the keys to her success. Developing strong and enduring relationships from the ground up, with key stakeholders comes naturally. Mary has an eye for detail, she is strategic, along with being a ‘big picture’ thinker who can contribute to future planning and continuous process improvement of a business. Mary has senior level client care and professional services experience.

Mary brings elegance, eloquence and charm to a glittering gala dinner and to a conference she lends her sharp mind, professionalism and quick wit. Many of organisations book her year after year because they believe her skills as an MC, facilitator and interviewer are difficult to surpass.

Mary has a social media presence which is vast and impressive. Mary uses these platforms to raise awareness of social injustices, and other causes close to her heart. She does this in a uniquely positive, affirming, and often hilarious, way. Mary has the ability to “think on her feet” and react naturally to all manner of situations.

Mary’s most recent board commitments see her leaning in to a not-for-profit around alternative education for children who are disabled and require an alternative to mainstream learning. Mary’s mixed career experience lends itself to offering some key strategic support to this organisation.

Described by those who work with her as passionate, hard working, insightful, creative, committed and tenacious. Mary Haddock-Staniland, a voice for social change in New Zealand, and looking fabulous while she does it.



PO Box 12-929
Auckland 1642
New Zealand

Public Relations Enquiries
Via Miranda Likeman

MC/Key Note Speaker Enquiries
Via Shaun O’Neil, +6421 466 733